ToFU Editor

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Desenvolvedor: M.I.Sothier
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This is a Text Editor.

1.It supports landscape mode and portrait mode.
2.Five files can be edited at the same time.
To switch the current file,using right and left flick.
3.The folder management function is provided. (1.1)
4.Copy & paste function is provided.
5.The content of the text can be handed over to the standard mail application program.
6.It can operate as a simple Web server, and the text be inspected from PC.
7.The text file can be acquired from external Web.
8.The character-code and the line feed code can be specified.
9.It is possible to display by parsing HTML.
10.Automatic backup functions are provided.
11.The screen font size can be dynamically changed.
12.Invert screen(Black/White)(1.1)
New feature of Ver2.0
1. Decompress the zip file.
Support zip with the folder
2. Search the character string in file
3. File full-text search (grep)
4. Rename of the file
5. Move the file to the folder
6. Jump to line in the under
(The jump to an uppermost line is a tap as for the clock display bar. )
7. File up-loading from PC to ToFUEditor
8. Cooperation with Web service
 (sample:infoseek English translation English into Japanese /Japanese into English)

Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.
Contains TextExpander engine library, Copyright © 2009 SmileOnMyMac, LLC. TextExpander is a trademark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC